Olga Kosharna, PhD

Anti-Crisis Expert Nuclear Center Of Ukraine (AENCU)

Energy expert. For 10 years, she worked at the State Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority of Ukraine (State Nuclear Regulation Inspection of Ukraine). She held leading positions in the lines of cooperation with international atomic organizations (IAEA, WENRA, Euratom), foreign nuclear regulators and NPP operators.
She worked as a leading researcher at the National Institute of Strategic Studies.
She was a member of the Public Council under the State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine.
She headed the media directorate of the "Ukrainian Nuclear Forum" Association, which includes key enterprises of the nuclear industrial complex (State Enterprise "NAEC "Energoatom", State Concern "Nuclear Fuel", State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, SSP "Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant", etc.).
At present, she specializes in the topic of acts of nuclear terrorism by the Russian Federation in relation to nuclear facilities in Ukraine, the seizure of the Zaporizhzhia and Chornobyl NPPs, the issue of the de-occupation of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, Ukraine's cooperation with the IAEA and the UN on the issue of recording Russian violations of international nuclear legislation.


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Should NATO Change its Nuclear Standing?