Iain McNeil

President of Matrix Games Ltd

Iain McNeil has worked in computer wargames since 1991. He has held every position from QA to designer, and CEO. He has built Slitherine and its partner company Matrix Games into the largest specialist wargame publishers in the world. Through Matrix Pro Sims, Iain is also delivering professional simulations to over 150 defence organisations across 23 countries. He also consults for [dstl] and is the UK industry representative to NATO MSG’s 189 and 198 and was a finalist in EY’s Entrepreneur of the year in 2022. Iain has also been wargaming since he was 6 and won every title possible from UK, European and World Champion and was ranked #1 in the world for 5 years until he retired.


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NATO Wargaming Initiative – The Use of the "Wargaming” Tool in NATO Member Countries

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Analytical Wargaming as a Multifunctional Decision Making Support Tool