Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Pavel Macko

Former Commander of NATO JFTC

LTG (ret.) Pavel Macko, SVK Army
Pavel Macko is a retired Lieutenant General. He entered the service in 1983 and graduated from Military Academy Brno in 1988. He is also graduate of the ICAF, NDU Washington D.C.
During his almost 35 years of military service, he has earned broad domestic and international experience in areas of logistics, resource management, defense acquisitions, international military operations and training. He retired in 2018 as the 1st Deputy CHOD. His military career comprises numerous staff, managerial and command positions within national, and the NATO structures. He has served as the Deputy Director of the Acquisition Office of the MOD, Commander of the Joint Logistics Command, Deputy Commander of the Land Forces, DCOS OPS at the General Staff and Deputy CHOD. He served 4 years as DCOS Support in ALCC HQ Heidelberg and the Commander, NATO JFTC Bydgoszcz, Poland (2011-2013). He also served as the Chief J3, ISAF HQ Kabul (2007-2008) and the Commander, NATO JLSG for NRF 7,8.


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NATO's Force Model - is it viable? How credible are the combat capabilities?