Guests present at the Defense24 Day Gala will have an opportunity to take part in a charity auction. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the “Grow Up with Us” Foundation. The Foundation takes care of children and families of members of security services and soldiers killed in the line of duty. The event will be presented by the legendary radio journalist Kuba Strzyczkowski. 

Items for the final auction during the Defense24 Day Gala on May 24 were obtained from special donors. These are unusual objects that will certainly become the pride of every collection. We would like to remind that our online auction with Allegro is still ongoing. This is an opportunity for everyone who will not be able to attend the gala in person, but still care about the Foundation’s support. Items auctioned online will rotate every 10 days and are no less attractive than those slated for live bidding, so we encourage you to follow the auctions. 

A numismatic set donated by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the National Bank of Poland. It consists of a commemorative silver coin “Nicolaus Copernicus”, which is encrusted with amber, a polymer collector’s banknote with a face value of PLN 20, as well as the the third edition of a hand-bound treatise commemorating the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. The starting price of this set is PLN 2,500. 

Fountain pen with the Parker National Security Office logo and a lined notebook in a leather pouch. This set was gifted by the head of the Office, Mr. Jacek Siewiera. The start price is set at PLN 400. 

Bayonet for the GROT carbine plus an INVITATION to visit the Łucznik Weapons Factory. A visit to the factory is a unique chance to suspect the production process. It will also not be without a visit to the shooting range, which will provide unforgettable emotions. The starting price of the set is 1000 PLN.

Commemorative bayonet wz. 1929 made in the Radom Arms Factory, handed over personally by the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak with a special dedication. Starting price 3000 PLN.

Necklace with striped flint and cufflinks with striped flint mass
Bomar’s specialty is silver artistic jewellery decorated with a unique striped flint. The guarantee of the uniqueness of the texture of individual copies, rarity and aesthetic values made it receive the name of a Polish diamond. Created by a highly specialized team of artists and visual artists, jewelry with striped flint has been appreciated not only in Poland, but also in the world. The designer and contractor of cufflinks with striped flint and eagle is Mrs. Kamila Rohn. Starting price of the set 5000 PLN.

The Grow Up with Us Foundation takes care of children of firefighters, police officers, soldiers, mountain rescuers and health care workers who died in the line of duty. The main objective of the Foundation is to provide long-term support for children during their education. Thanks to the activities of the Foundation, the pupils receive regular, broadly understood educational and psychological assistance, financial support and preparation for entering the labor market. Since its establishment, the Grow Up with Us Foundation has taken care of over 300 children.

My name is Marta. My mom walks me to kindergarten because my dad is in heaven. He died far from home while defending other people. I really like to cook and when I grow up I would like to be a famous cook. Mom says that I have a long way to go, but the foundation will definitely help us. Marta’s dad, senior warrant officer Rafał Celebudzki, served in Afghanistan during the XV change of the Polish Military Contingent. He died on September 16, 2014, when a car driven by a suicide bomber crashed into a column of Polish vehicles. He never saw his daughter Martha. She was 1 month old at the time.

I am Michael. Sport is my passion, and I like the bike the most, although my dad will never see me ride it. I train every day and thanks to the foundation I can go to a lot of sports activities. I want to be as fit as my dad, I miss him a lot. Michał’s father, senior warrant officer Rafał Celebudzki, served in Afghanistan during the XV change of the Polish Military Contingent. He died on September 16, 2014, when a car driven by a suicide bomber crashed into a column of Polish vehicles. Michał’s dad was 38 years old. He left a wife and two children. When he died, Michael was 6 years old.

My name is Zuzia. I don’t know what my dad was like because I didn’t recognize him. He died fighting bad people. I like to talk a lot and help my mother in the garden. Mom says I got it from my dad. She also says that I will be as smart as my dad, because thanks to the foundation I can go to different classes. Zuzia’s dad, senior aspirant Cezary Mokrzewski, worked in the Department for Combating Organized Drug Crime of the Central Bureau of Investigation. He died on 7 May 2015 during the escort of a detainee. Zuzia’s dad was 38 years old. He left a three-year-old daughter Hania and a wife who was expecting another child. Zuzia was born 2 months after her father’s death.