Jarosław Jakimczyk


Jarosław Jakimczyk. Active as a journalist since the mid-1990s, his main areas of interest are investigative journalism and special services. He is an independent commentator on national security issues, especially Russian intelligence activity in NATO and EU countries. For the past few years, he has been compiling a database of criminal proceedings in cases against foreign spies in Poland, which is supplemented on an ongoing basis. From 2011 to 2019, he was adviser to the NASK director for strategic affairs. Recently reported as an expert witness for questioning by the parliamentary investigative committee on Pegasus. He is also involved in academic research in the field of art history. He is the author of the publication 'The cheeriest barrack in the camp. The Communist Secret Police as Art Critic and Art Curator in the People's Republic of Poland', recognised in 2015 as a pioneering academic dissertation in the field of source research on the socio-political realities of Polish artistic and cultural life under communism.


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Special Services of the 21st Century